BBG by Kayla Itsines

If there is a training method that’s been hitting all over the world lately, that’s the Australian Kayla Itsines. The personal trainer offers us an exercise guide and another one of nutrition with which in 12 weeks promises a change in our physique through circuit training and a healthy diet. Today we analyze these guides to know the pros and cons. Read on for the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review.

The Bikini Body Guide Exercise Guide

It is an easy-to-understand exercise guide that illustrates each movement with photographs, so carrying it out does not seem like a difficult task. The proposed training stages are divided into:

·    Circuit resistance training

·    LISS (low intensity cardio)

·    HIIT training (high intensity interval training)

·    Stretching Sessions

These exercises are combined throughout the 12 weeks of the plan and have their intensity increased as time goes along. For example, in the first four weeks you can see how two or three circuit training sessions, two or three LISS sessions and a stretching session are required. In the last weeks of the plan the circuit training sessions amount to three or four, combined with two or three LISS sessions, one or two HIIT and one or two stretches.

Resistance circuits

Resistance training is structured as follows: two circuits of four exercises are performed each, and each circuit is performed as many times as possible in seven minutes. This is repeated twice, so in total we would have a training of about 30 minutes if we count the rest times.

Between the exercises that appear in the circuits we can find from burpees to squats to jumps and push-ups. These are workouts that do not require extra gear and that always contain aerobic elements and elements of force, so that your heart rate remains quite high throughout the training. This is something that is common in Kayla Itsines BBG.

Cardio and Stretching

About cardiovascular training we find less information, since it is not very necessary either. In short, for LISS Itsines-type workouts it suggests walking for 30 to 45 minutes, and for HIIT training it proposes about 10 to 15 minutes alternating 30-second sprints with a 30-second walk.

The stretches are a fairly brief session of 10 positions held for 30 seconds each to stretch our entire body. They are mainly used in the Kayla Itsines BBG to stretch the muscles after a workout to prevent stiffness and soreness. They can also be used to warm the muscles up before a workout to prevent injury.

In short, the Kayla Itsines BBG is a workout plan with minimal variation and that’s a good thing. Once you get the hang of it at the start, the only thing that will make it more challenging as you go on is the intensity being raised gradually. Before you know it, you’ll be able to get through the most difficult intensity with ease and the beginner’s training will barely feel like exercise at all.