How the Andis Dog Grooming Clippers Work

This is a short informational note on one pair of good dog clippers doing the internet rounds. Type in the keywords and you will find that there are several extensive online andis dog grooming clippers reviews available for perusal. There are, of course, quite a number of other brands and their models available for personal review. But perhaps you are new to the idea of purchasing a set of dog grooming clippers. Let’s work this alphabetically. Let’s start with the letter A. So, there you go, let’s start with the Andis. It’s brief. In your own time, perhaps after your daily dog walk or later in the night when your favorite pet has gone to bed, you can go more in depth.

In the meantime, here is a brief overview for you to look at so long. The Andis dog grooming clippers operate on ‘two speed’. These are the so-called heavy duty clippers. They are heavier than the average clippers available to the public today. They are also larger. This is ideal for those of you handling large dog breeds. The clippers are corded and detachable. It is also a smart looking device, not that your dog will be paying any attention to aesthetics. It will be the performance that counts. Nevertheless, the Andis has a chrome finish.

It is modeled as Ultra Edge and has a number ten blade. It is protected by shatterproof casing. This is ideal for unintended rough handling. An unsettled dog, not used to grooming perhaps, causes the inexperienced groomer to drop his tool, and there you go no breakage. Interestingly, this clipper can be equipped with any blade of the grooming master’s choosing. Again, this is ideal when due consideration is given to dog breed, size and coat or fur. Names given to blades in the Andis stable include UltraEdge, CeramicEdge and ShowEdge.

A smart design allows for the elimination of clogging of fans and vents and keeping the blade cool during prolonged use. Again, yet again, this is ideal. A cool blade will be comfortable to the dog’s coat. Two-Speed refers to the clipper’s SPM choices. These are 3400 and 4400 strokes per minute. This is ideal for making a switch between slower detail trimming and faster, coarse trimming or grooming of large areas of the dog’s anatomy. This is why one review suggests that this Andis could be the best grooming clippers for thick coated dogs.

Comfort or ease when working is made possible with a long fourteen foot power cord, just as much as the convenience of cordless clippers allows. But the corded model is ideal for budget conscious dog owners because of its lower price. It will not be easy to give the clipper a test drive if you will but do ask professional groomers if they have used the Andis before. Or pick up online reviews that are authentically based on proven experience.