How to Make Good Money on YouTube

There are only a small number of YouTubers who can say they are making enough money through videos to justify it as a full time job. Those YouTubers make everyone think they can achieve the same thing, just by putting up decent content on the site. Sadly, it is not going to work in this way. You could always get lucky and the videos that you put up are the ones that everyone sees and loves instantly. But in 99 percent of the cases, you could make videos for years and you will barely get 200 views on each of them.

And you should not feel bad if that is happening, or it happened to you in the past. It does not mean you are a bad content creator. It just means that you assumed YouTube worked in a different way. We have all been there and made this type of mistake. Now you are going to rectify that error and you are going to ensure that you are doing what you can to get yourself the exposure that your channel is going to need. When you have this exposure, the success that you are craving is going to arrive too.

The method that we have learned about, and tried, is the one that is the most successful. It is the method where you will buy YouTube views for a handful of videos that you put up. Do not go overboard. Let us say you have a new channel that is a few days old. You put up your first video and you go to the site where you can buy YouTube views. We would advise that you buy 10,000 views. That is a decent amount. Set it to fill up that view count within 48 hours, as this is a reasonable time frame.

What it does is show that you have those views as if you had gotten them organically. For all intents and purposes, they are real views. You know they are not, but YouTube and no one else knows that fact. When you get those views on a video or two, YouTube will unlock the monetization feature on your channel. Now you can monetize any new video that you put up. And we will keep using the buying views method for another few videos at least. Besides monetization, it helps you in other ways too.

What it does is give you a high spot when someone searches for a related video. Maybe you posted a review about a recent movie. There are so many other channels that do the same thing. If you have 100 views, your video is near the tenth page of results – not among the first results. But if you bought 10,000 or 15,000 views and got them in 48 hours, your video is now sitting in one of the first few spots. And that means everyone will see your video, and many will click on it. This gives your channel the exposure that you badly need!