Slobber, slobber, little dog licks paws

Oh, those poor little fellows. Don’t you just want to pick one of them up and let them slobber you all over with love? Because if you do that, you’d best be warned, that’s what they’re likely to do. From the youngest age they are destined to love you to bits. But it can be rather tough for even the most well-meaning of pet lovers. No matter how much they adore their little dogs, the continuous slobbering with saliva dripping all over the place can be rather irritating.

And that’s not even the end of it. Those little fellows, you know particularly if you keep them unchecked at that young age, can keep you at your wit’s end. Slobber, slobber, all over your nice couch, and there she goes again, little dog licks paws all over again. Except now this nasty little habit is not only getting on your nerves, it is becoming a cause of great concern, so much so that the ongoing licking can be potentially damaging to the little dog’s health.

And most dogs are real survivors, if they have to be. But even so, just wait until that little fellow gets older. The habit becomes more pestering and potentially more harmful. Save on unnecessarily expensive vet’s fees and save your dog’s life and take immediate action. That’s easy to do too nowadays because the things you need can be purchased directly online. It does not need a vet’s prescription but it will be given the vet’s stamp of approval.

Take your little dog for a checkup at the vet and he may just tell you that your poor pet could have a case of lick granuloma coming on. It is also known as acral lick dermatitis (ALD). And the equipage that will need to be applied? This is nothing less than dog leg protectors. They are easy to apply and comfortable for little or older dogs to wear. This precautionary measure takes away the need to apply the vet’s much more expensive vet wrap.

The vet should always approve because the results are superb. Almost immediately, relief is offered to the dog. The cycle of little or old dog licking its paws is broken for good. Compulsive licking behavior becomes a, thank goodness for that, thing of the past. Speaking of past, present and the future, because it will be a good idea to utilize these leg protectors over the long term, these appendages are long lasting.

And however long you need your little pet to wear the appendages, they will remain comfortable. The stretch fabric is specifically made from Velcro, a formidable material all on its own. Will a dog be chewing its way through this material? Not likely, if results are anything to go by. So, all concerned dog mothers and fathers, do breathe a sigh of relief. Help is at hand right at your desktop and quickly done with the click of your mouse. Of all things, really.