Invitation letter

The International Congress Nikola Tesla
„The History of the Future”

The International Congress “Nikola Tesla: The History of the Future” which will take place from 24th until 26th April 2015. in Belgrade (Serbia) will gather eminent representatives of different scientific disciplines which were part of Tesla’s work, from physics and electrical engineering to religion and medicine. The event will be organized on a highly professional level in the most famous congress centers in the world (‘Sava’ Center) which additionally guarantees the seriousness of the event by its space and technical abilities.

Why Belgrade?
The International Congress “Nikola Tesla: The History of the Future” is taking place in Belgrade because it is the capital of Serbia and Nikola Tesla (1856- 1943) always spoke about his Serbian heritage  with great pride. “Born as a Serb, died as an American, indebted the world” said recently the President of Serbia Mr. Tomislav Nikolic after revealing a monument to Tesla in Long Island.

There is Tesla’s Museum in Belgrade with his entire legacy including the urn with his remains and all the original writings  and objects he used.

About Belgrade
Belgrade is a charming city which was built on the confluence of two rivers, Danube (the longest river in Europe) and Sava (the longest river on the Balkan) with the population of two million people. Those who choose Belgrade as a tourist destination most often arrive first to the airport “Nikola Tesla”.

Belgrade is a city of long-lasting and turbulent history and it has been the centre of this part of the world since the time of the Roman Empire, Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire. It boasts with national, cultural and religious differences. There are many national and historical monuments surrounding Belgrade from prehistoric times while the river banks have become the guaranteed center of nightlife and entertainment. It was only one of the reasons Belgrade, the city with people famous for their hospitality and pleasant business surroundings, was given the title “The city of the future” by the Financial Times in 2006.

Initial Congress Board